Delivering Nitrate into Small Farms

Nitrate (NO3) is the substance that optimizes vegetative growth in plants and improves plant resilience to stress.  The compound is created in a number of ways.   

  1. Industry has used Ammonia to treat the surrounding soil for the last 100 years.  Ammonia was initially developed to create bombs and once the war was over it was used in several chemical processes such as fertilization in the agricultural industry.  Manufacturing Ammonia consumes nearly 5% of the World’s natural gas so our Department of  Energy is always looking for new ways to reduce energy and distribute production as the manufacture and delivery of the product is energy intensive.

  2. Organic methods of converting substances into Nitrate have continued to develop as a way to eliminate fossil-based fertilization from farms.  Organic certification is sought after by farmers as a preferred method to provide chemical-free products while charging quadruple the price for their product and holds they hold nearly 3% of the market at over $60 billion in annual revenue. The main goal for organic farmers is to treat the soil with natural and organic substances to encourage nitrification naturally without the addition of chemicals.

  3. Nitroponics is a new way to deliver Nitrate to plants.  Air is embedded into water by use of a Non-Thermal Plasma Reformer (NTP) which creates Nitrate within Plasma Activated Water.  Since the water contains Nitrate, the plant’s root system uptakes the Nitrate with the water and the plant thrives as the water can be tailored to optimum levels of Nitrate per feeding.  With the ability to manufacture NItrate on demand and deliver it to plants in a controlled manner, Nitroponics is an innovative method to increase plant resiliency, vegetative growth and product yield.

Is Nitroponics Better?

There are many factors to consider when determining if the Nitroponics system is better.  Our testing suggests that seeds and plants treated with our system sprout and grow faster, are more drought resistant, with higher yields, lower costs and less damage to the environment.  We have partnered with many growers of numerous plant species for further testing and we expect to see even more evidence that the Nitroponics system is a better way to grow.

We found two major benefits in our outdoor grow:

Reduced Cost of Fertilization - Cost to deliver Nitrate includes:

  1. Air - Free
  2. Water - Would have watered anyway, so Free.
  3. Electricity - Inexpensive to run at 500w, or by solar for Free
  4. Transportation - If your garden is off-grid and you have to haul in water

Increased Vegetative Growth - So for a few dollars to operate the system and we are able to achieve a yield improvement of nearly 25%.  This represents significant growth in our garden compared to our control when we implemented the Nitroponics system.

How did we achieve these results?

We implemented two changes in our process to achieve these results.  First, we grow from seeds so we were able to perform a “plasma seed treatment”.  We placed the seeds in a bag and placed the seeds in the plasma field for a period of two minutes.  This was done on the inventor’s suggestion and we noticed differences in germination rates and a significant difference in root growth within the first 30-days.

The second change we made was to deliver “plasma activated water” as the plant’s entire water source.  We started out watering with plasma water periodically along with regular waterings using plain filtered water. It worked so well we ordered a unit to produce the water full time so we can feed and water plants with plasma activated water on a consistent basis.

Ideal Customers for Nitroponics

The more value a crop has, the more sense it makes to use the Nitroponics System. With an increase in yield of up to 30% and a reduction in costs for water and fertilizer, the system offers an unusually rapid return on investment. The more crops we test, the more evidence we produce that growers can’t afford not to use Nitroponics.

Organic Farmers -While the system’s certification as an “Organic” method is still pending, many farmers share the belief that fertilization should happen using fossil-free methods and will be ready to adopt this method right away.

Aquaponic and Hydroponic Farmers - Aquaponics and hydroponics are a natural fit since they already deliver nutrients through the water.

Cannabis Farmers - Growing indoors or out, the system improves vegetative growth and plant health to increase yield while reducing costs and environmental impact.

Nut Tree Farmers - Growing nuts is an energy intensive process and the addition of Nitrate is necessary to optimize their growth.

Real Estate Lawn Recovery - Once a home goes on the market, there is often a punch list of things to do to get it ready to sell.  CMXI has a curb appeal solution! Realtors and homeowners  can have the best looking lawn on the block by using Nitroponics to bring vegetation to life quickly.

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